• Began community college at age 13
  • Graduated from high school her junior year with her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree.
  • Valedictorian of her online high school
  • Graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science at the University of Arizona her junior year
  • Honored as the Outstanding Senior of her graduating class at the University of Arizona
  • Accepted at the #1 Veterinary School in the world, University of California at Davis
  • Youngest student in her veterinary class at age 20

Will Leinart

  • Graduated from high school his junior year
  • Started community college at age 12
  • Attended Arizona State University with 2 years of college credit already completed
  • Has more than 375,000 YouTube subscribers
  • More than 45 million YouTube views
  • Downloaded more than 450 videos
  • Purchased his 1st unmanned arcade at age 14
  • Owns 3 unmanned arcades at large shopping malls at age 18


Bill & Marissa Leinart

  • Grateful for 17 years of what they call the privilege to be able to homeschool
  • Grateful for the ultimate gift of homeschooling – an amazing relationship they have with Linzey and Will
  • Grateful how their kids found their passion at a young age and pursued it with all their might
  • Grateful for the time they were able to do life together with their children which created a lifestyle of learning
  • Grateful that even when they doubted they wouldn’t be enough for their kids, they realized their LOVE and COMMITMENT would be more than enough and now want to share that transformation with every homeschool parent